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Placebo effect accounts for nearly 30% of all healing. This is a profoundly powerful phenomenon, which is often sadly overlooked in most modern models. This sheer fact illustrates clearly how pivotal the mind is when it comes to directing and balancing the body and its systems.

When we also appreciate how the brain effectively governs the chemistry and hormonal systems of the body—think Blushing—we begin to see and understand from the “Holistic model” that EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED.

With proper mindset, focus, and self-programming, we can effectively address the belief component of our experience and use it for our benefit, consciously directing our lives, rather than being at the sub or unconscious effect of them.

“All that we are, is a result of what we have thought.” -Buddha



The body is the most efficient natural machine, nearly 50% energy efficient, where most man made machines barely reach 25%… nature’s wisdom is something that mankind has yet to achieve, let alone mimic or surpass.

The challenge with the body is that its balancing mechanisms are indeed sensitive, complex, and under constant duress by the modern world and its many challenges to our nature. Once we understand the proper parameters and systems of the body, and how we can effectively influence them,

real understanding and results are within our grasp.

Neutral Spinal alignment

Proper Breathing

Proper Nutrition and an Alkaline System

Even alongside the mind’s constructive and supportive thinking, all these components of our Physical Nature work together—or not—to make our body the strongest, most resilient version of itself possible.

Claim your knowledge, wisdom & understanding, and claim your Practical Miraculous Health.



The Spirit has had many names over the eons, and regardless what we call it, its Presence and importance in our lives can not be overstated. It is our connection with this Spirit that not only gives us deep meaning and purpose, it also is the impetus to the evolution of our Mind Body and Soul.

It is when we connect with and honor this Great Spirit Within ourself, that we begin to work with a higher intelligence that guides, directs and uplifts our lives in ways previously unimagined. It is by unifying with the Great Spirit both within us and the same Spirit in the world at large, that we can experience true connection and freedom.

About Me

A Healer’s Healer

Adam Sanchez has been practicing Yoga and the healing disciplines for over 20 years, combined with his 2010 Yogaworks teacher training, 2011 Personal Training certification, and commencement of in depth astrological studies the same year, he is a veritable storehouse of experience on effective healing modalities.

 He also became a Private Chef shortly after his certifications, to serve his clients better, understanding the sheer importance of a balanced, alkaline diet for healing and vital nutrition. Graciously, this experience gave him the sufficient tools to heal a lifetime of health-challenges, culminating in the reversal and full-healing of his stage-4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, at the age of 31, a mere 18 months after its diagnosis.

With his travels to Europe, India, Peru, and beyond, he has adventurously and actively sought out his own spiritual awakening, from a blessed variety of teachers and masters, and has managed to ground practical steps that any true seekers may apply towards their own Yogic Liberation. Adam is currently serving clients globally, as well as growing his astrological practice and vegan food line in Miami, Florida.


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