Practical Miraculous Healing


Personal Training


Every body is unique, so a personalized and uniquely crafted approach is always best, putting the sovereign needs of the individual at the heart of our  work. Though each body is individual, we are all very deeply and fundamentally the same with certain basic physical parameters and natural laws.



Neutral Spinal Alignment is one of these Natural Laws

When the spine is neutral, supported properly by the musculoskeletal system’s core and full kinetic-chain engagement; it gives rise to the proper form, function, and structure for each and every system of the body; from nervous, to respiratory, to cardiovascular, endocrine and beyond.


The Training Approach offered at Raw Life Yoga is based on the fundamental principles of the neutral Spine, and how when we work within and towards these parameters, not only can we heal and rehabilitate the once thought “lost-cause,” we can even improve our health standing and strength far beyond what most would believe possible.


“Future Pain CAN be avoided,”


And future strength can be predicted and achieved, once we know our destination and the pathway.


All training focuses on the appropriate balance of strength/resistance training and flexibility training, to activate and maintain the core alignment, which is the single greatest challenge in training, bringing with it the single greatest benefits.


Core is King/Queen



Yoga literally means Union. It is a word describing the union between mind, body and Spirit. As an ancient practice, it gives us tools to access this experience and benefits our lives in profound ways. Traditionally, Yoga is known for its “8-limbed path,” which includes developing and disciplining the self from these 8 angles, in what is modernly referred to as a “holistic approach.”

1. ”Yamas”- Ethics of which there are five

Ahimsa: nonviolence

Satya: truthfulness

Asteya: nonstealing

Brahmacharya: continence

Aparigraha: non-covetousness

2. ”Niyama” Discipline and Spiritual Observances, of which there are also five

Saucha: cleanliness

Samtosa: contentment

Tapas: heat; spiritual austerities

Svadhyaya: study of the sacred scriptures and of one’s self

Isvara pranidhana: surrender to God

3. “Asana”- Posture; a.k.a., properly aligned physical exercise

4. Pranayama” – Breath Control

5. “Pratyahara” – Sense withdrawl and transcendence (non attachment or aversion)

6. “Dharana” – Concentration/focus

7. “Dhyana” – Meditation and contemplation

8. “Samadhi” -Oneness with All a.k.a Enlightenment

It is through regular practice of these guiding principles that we as humans can practically work towards and actualize what many consider to be “Miraculous”

Alkaline LIfe Heals


“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

-Hyppocrates, the founder of Western Medicine

We hear it all the time: “we are what we eat, eat your veggies, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, drink lots of water.”

Yet somehow these vital words of wisdom often fall on deaf ears, particularly in modern western culture. Why is this?

The truth is so much is intimately related with food choice: culture, memory, emotion, habit, easy and availability and downright chemical composition. With the increasingly blurred lines between science and food, without much care for quality control or testing on possible side effects, we are left in our modern day as verifiable food test-subjects who find themselves further and further away from what nature intended… and with increased challenges just to meet our physiological and nutritional needs.

The good news is that there is more than hope; there is a guaranteed effective system of human physiology that is innate and designed to help our body maintain its natural balance, and when we work with that system (and not against it) we can get all the results for our body, health, recovery and growth that seemed “miraculous” from our previous level of understanding.

“Miracles do not occur outside of nature, only outside of man’s understanding of nature. ”

-Saint Augustine

This simple yet powerful understanding can be grasped more easily through Eastern Medicine and the Chinese system that includes food and its biochemical energy implications as a part of this vital healing process.

The key: Eat Alkalizing Foods.

Let’s go over a basic understanding of acidity and alkalinity and how these chemical states effect human health.

Even western medicine admits that the blood functions optimally at a slightly alkaline pH of 7.365 (7 is neutral on the pH scale, above is alkaline and below is acidic). But the short sidedness of western culture is in its materialistic view that dissects, separates and ignores the interconnectivity that exist between the body and all of its systems, and most shockingly and importantly, the relationship between diet and health. So, what does this connection have to do with maintaining this delicate balance of homeostasis??

Certain foods that we eat form acids (a high concentration of waste products) in the body and other foods form alkalinity and help to maintain this sensitive 7.365 pH in the bloodstream.

With an alkaline lifestyle, practical Miraculous Healing is not only possible, it is a certainty. 

To our greatest healing potentials!

Miracle Mineral Solution


There are many so called miracles that have been found across the world that we can use for healing. Miracle Mineral Solution is one of the best out there.

MMS is an abbreviation for the name miracle mineral solution, which is composed of a mineral salt of the chemical composition sodium chlorite. This is not to be confused with bleach, which is sodium hypo-chlorite, or table salt (sodium chloride). When sodium chlorite combines with citric acid, it forms a mild oxidizer called chlorine dioxide, which creates an extremely effective form of oxygenation therapy similar to O-Zone or hydrogen peroxide therapy. Although, the chlorine dioxide is a less strong oxidizer, so it is safer for the body and more effective at eradicating 95% of all pathogens. 

This is up to and including the flu, common cold, herpes, Lyme disease, Malaria, MERSA, HIV, AIDS, diabetes, and even cancer, depression, and much much more. Yes, many of the diseases we have been told are incurable simply aren’t. Our ability to heal is far more powerful than we have allowed ourselves to believe!

Because it is a naturally occurring chemical (mineral salt), the drug companies cannot patent it and therefore are trying to suppress and discredit it, since it has been so effective in helping thousands of people around the world heal from the once-thought incurable. See the documentary link below to learn about the documented curing of hundreds of malaria cases in Africa. 

 Personally, I took it twice in Peru because I became infected with parasites/bacteria from the water, and both times it reversed it like a charm. Plus, since I’ve started taking it regularly, for the past several months, decades worth of immune issues are clearing up like “magic,” as well as some of the most profound detoxification and healing that I’ve ever experienced in my life transpiring—And I have tried nearly every healing method under the sun. 

These results are not guaranteed to be typical for everyone, (lifestyle also matters immensely), as it is not a complete panacea (though it’s as close as possible, comparable in scope to cannabis) but most people who try it do indeed notice its immense power and understand it is accurately named as Miraculous! 

It is also great at removing heavy metals such as mercury, lead, aluminum, etc, (which helps to decalcify the pineal gland) including the aerosol nano-particulates found environmentally due to Geoengineering. Plus, all general poisons (toxins, acids) from the body!

Govt and Corp proof:



Buy online 

(I am in no way affiliated with this church organization and simply offer this information as a PSA to inform and educate people on practical and miraculous healing methods, though I do find this source to be the ideal one for this product, especially because of their ingenuity of circumventing the pharmaceutical corruption at the FDA, through the church’s religious protections):

To Practical Miraculous Healing!