Practical Miraculous Healing



Meditation has been proven all over contemporary science to be beneficial to healing and improve cognitive function, among many other benefits. Most people, however, don’t know that there are as many different kinds of meditation as there are kinds of music, and just like with music each style is deeply personal. Let us define meditation as the state of “mindfulness” or awareness that connects body, mind, and breath—a.k.a. spirit.

The spiritual (& mental) masters have always told us that Yoga, Samadhi, the Tao, Zen, etc. are states of “no mind,” or complete and utter awareness. From this understanding, it is easy to see how anything can be a form of meditation with the right state of consciousness. In fact, meditation, and it’s mastery is meant to be a default state, meaning once we master that mindset it becomes the foundation of which those pivotal and sought spiritual experiences grow from.


Guided Yoga Practices