Practical Miraculous Healing




Astrology is one of the oldest spiritual sciences known. The basic geometry present qualifies it as a typical left-brained science, but the intuitive symbolic study is where the realm of the spirit comes in. When we can unify these apparent opposites, we can begin to glean the Higher Perspective offered to us from Universal Wisdom. From a deeper understanding of your roots, to a gllimpse into potential futures, Astrology’s potential to expand our awareness is infinite!

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Essential Oils


Plant medicines are the original medicine, and they still have remarkable potentials to help heal

and support the fullest vitality of our body, as well as mind and spirit.  This is precisely why aromatherapy is so effective: the chemical

compounds of essential oils are as pure and close to the essential nature of the plant so that it’s ability to deliver powerful healing is not compromised, but in fact fully maintained.  It is even possible for these miraculous plants to replace the need for alopathic and pharmaceutical drugs. 

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Spiritual Guidance Counseling


When we see and know that life isn’t holographic (meaning everything is connected), we can come out of the illusion of the “separate-self,” sometimes called the ego-mind, and embrace the interconnectedness of all the ascoexts of ourself, our lives, and the world around us. Sometimes, especially with those areas of our lives that that most challenge us, this can be difficult to do on our own, and so calling in another perspective can bring great insight. Spiritual Guidance Counseling sessions offer exactly that. We all need guidance at some

point.  Spiritual guidance counseling is distinct from advice in the traditional sense because it aims to connect the client with their own inner authority and highest possible self. Don’t let your “separate self” stop you from receiving the support you need. Claim your Highest-Self!

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